Molding IOT solutions for the last 15 years.

built on an IOT application engine

We bring the freshest ideas to Industrial Internet of Things.

More than just asset monitoring, the Industrial Internet of Things creates new ways to build business value: CAPEX to OPEX models, recurring revenue, product enhancement, customer engagement, utilization models and more.

Since 2005, our objective has been to bring business value to connecting things.

Providing real time operational visibility and technology integration allowing operators to optimize asset utility, reduce capital expenditure, and secure operations.   

Offering a fully managed Internet of Things solution is only the beginning of our engagement process, our strategy is to partner with our customers sharing both the risk and reward of any IOT initiative. Speak to one of our experts about how asset connectivity creates customer engagement and operational visibility. 

Counting connectivity

The measure of success and experience.

Years of Experience

When providing a connectivity solution we strive to excel in four critical areas: security, scalability, integration and engagement. 

security and scalability

Our solutions are built on an IOT application engine and device (thing) authentication is one of the three key modules of our platform. Internet of Things requires more than just standard network security, our Device Gateway handles all protocol bridging, device registry and device security. The platform is fully managed and scales instantly without limits. 

integration and engagement

We believe that customer engagement and creating business value from data rich IOT solutions is closely tied to integration of services. Our platform can operate seamlessly in a customer’s existing eco-system while, at the same time, adding new services like machine learning, frontend frameworks, SNS messaging can be done cost effectively to enhance the customer experience. 

We are  providers of end to end fully managed connectivity for dispersed assets.

Speak to one of our experts about how we add business value to IOT solutions.