When equipment speak their usage value

How Daxyon uses the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to optimize growth and maintenance capex. 

What is the business value of connecting equipment to the cloud?

Whether you know it or not your equipment speaks volume of data, but capturing data is not enough to create business value what creates value is transforming data that fulfills some relevant business need. Data can be exposed “as-a-service” that enables new streams of revenue, but data also provides intelligence that optimizes processes and expenditure strategies. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) not only enables data connectivity but also has the potential to deliver it in a form that helps build equipment usage profiles. When restaurant equipment can “speak” their usage value then business intelligence can be exposed to create models that optimize growth capital expenditure (GCAPEX) and maintenance capital expenditure (MCAPEX). GCAPEX is the capital expenditure required to meet an organization’s growth needs. Knowing the right mix of an organization’s equipment fleet to meet revenue growth reduces CAPEX without impeding that growth. MCAPEX is the capital expenditure that is required to maintain competitiveness and is made up of component additions/replacements to existing equipment. One way to reduce component replacements is preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance based on hours used is cost advantageous to one based on periodic visits without increasing the risk of downtime. Speak to one of our experts on how we use our technology to build usage profiles for restaurant equipment. 

The Equipment's Value Stack
The Equipment and Daxyon's Value Stack

How does Daxyon build usage profiles of my equipment?

Daxyon is powered by an internally developed IOT application engine (IOT Platform). This is a fully managed platform that securely connects globally dispersed devices (called things) to the Internet and then integrates these connections to cloud services. The platform allows us to accelerate the delivery of “as-a-service” solutions and cost optimizing initiatives. Building usage profiles for equipment falls into that realm of expertise, the requirements to successfully gather real-time data and then transform that data into business intelligence requires expertise in thing connectivity and cloud services. So what is our value stack exactly? Daxyon leverages professional services to build, deliver and install all sensor kits and we handle all the on-boarding. Our platform automates and manages all device connections, authentications, protocol bridging, registries and integrates business logic, database and visualizations. We create a secure and persistent connections to geographically dispersed assets that gathers data and then we proceed to transform that data for business consumption. Learn more about how our platform handles hundreds of communication protocols (ThingSpeak), and integrates cloud services (EUX). 

Find out how a fully managed IOT platform adds "as-a-service" to your equipment.