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A positive end user experience is built on integration services.  


Allows for integration in mobile (IOS, Android) and web applications through frontend services, license, API key and end point authentication.

Frontend Services

Allows for Integration in web application using frontend frameworks and libraries like Angular, Vue, React.


Allows for vendor and customer structured, semi-structured and unstructured database integration.

Cloud Services

Allows for integration with multiple cloud vendors and multiple services with a cloud vendor like SNS, storage, AI, analytics, etc.


Allows not only for integration with web visualization development frameworks, but also with tools like Google charts, Tableau, Plotly.

IOT Devices

Allows for integration with other IOT device technology and associated device managers, providing for full device to device communication and control.

API/Service Manager

The platform manages secure endpoints, licenses and API keys allowing for seamless integration with other web services, applications and micro services. Our applications easily integrate in existing eco-systems or can access other services that are required to enhance the IOT offering. Some examples of this are: artificial intelligence, SNS messaging, vendor and customer database integration. 

Find out how a fully managed IOT platform can integrate with your existing eco-system without the risk.