If your product could speak {...}

How Daxyon uses the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to transform product makers. 

What is the business value of connecting my product to the cloud?

Whether you know it or not your product outputs data, and lots of it, but simply capturing and storing data is not enough to create business value. Transforming data and delivering it as a business relevant service is what creates value. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) not only enables thing connectivity but also enables the delivery of it “as-a-service”. Platform as a service (PAAS), software as a service (SAAS), equipment as a service, anything as a service (XAAS). There are no shortage of acronyms for this service model, but what does it really mean to be a “as-a service” provider? Makers of equipment have been in this business from the beginning with professional services. But while professional services is delivering service it lacks the powerful benefits of a “as-a-service”. When we partner with our customer to build an IOT solution for their equipment our goal is to create a relevant “as-a-service” solution. After all our engagement model is such that if the solution doesn’t succeed, we don’t succeed, and a successful solution will generate powerful business value. It creates high customer engagement, it generates high profit margins, it naturally lends itself to a recurring revenue model, and it creates a high cost to switching to competitors. There are more benefits related to operational efficiencies, remote monitoring and diagnostics. Speak to one of our experts to learn more.  

How It Works.

Our solutions team works with your engineering team to determine what is feasible.

We work with your engineering team to determine what is feasible and what is required to bring the project to completion. This is a collaborative effort to determine your customer’s (end user) needs and requirements and how those will be met with a end to end IIOT solution. Whether the objective is to increase customer engagement or solve an operational problem our goal is to provide a successful solution.     

Our product team works with your engineering team to enable connectivity.

In an agile way our team works with your team to design connectivity into your product. We operate our own IOT cloud platform which accelerates solution delivery, but also allows for highly customized solutions. We advocate adaptive planning, development, early delivery and continual improvement. 

Our design and marketing team works with your product team to build an engaging customer experience.

Whether we are trying to solve an operational problem or build a “as a service” product, our goal is to build an engaging user experience. That usually means service integrations that come in the form of any device access, insightful analytics, messaging, visualizations, and cloud services. Our platform was built to facilitate such integrations.   

Find out how you can increase customer engagement and additional revenue when you add "as-a-service" to your product.